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Target: 4,000,000 EUR
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PI (Profitability Index) = 2.1
development rated 2017
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The mechanism for refund
This is why TunasToken offers a unique 6-month refund period, guaranteed through immutable Ethereum platform based smart contracts.
Due to the Guaranteed Investor Refund period, no investor can lose more than a maximum of 28% of their original investment, in Ether terms, during the first 180 days following the Online Sale end date.
- Investors are able to request a refund of up to 72% of their original Ether investment from day 181 and including day 365 days following the ICO end date. It will further enable token holders will have a refund of the contributed funds if they are not happy with the progress being made by developers, and give token holders additional peace of mind that they are guaranteed to either see at least a minimum viable product or get their money back. The practical effect of the refund policy is that from the date the Online-Sale closes only 28% of the entire amount of Ether invested will be available to the TunasCoin-Foundation, the remaining 72% being locked into a smart contract for any investors who wish to exercise their right to a refund.
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Direct investments in legal fishing of tuna
using blockchain technologies

Our advantages
100% Legal Worldwide Blockchain Project

Guaranteed liquidity
The price will only grow. Trading crypto-asset.
1 Token = 1 kg of tuna.
Profitable for crypto-investors: significant discounts, or re-selling tokens at the exchange for profit.
Immediate profit sharing
Every month: 5% of our profits will be used to re-purchase tokens on exchanges to provide our token holders additional liquidity.
Absolute transparency through all investment stages.
Transparent & guarantee
Transactions and investments visible on blockchain.
Full Legal token application. KYC for token buyers.
Tunacoin is a full-fledged financial instrument that will be freely traded on the exchange.
Due diligence high quality
Ready-Made business plan and financial model.
Project passed all approval stages.
Support by the government.
Demand driver
Demand is backed by we have the quota for tuna fishing.
High and stable demand for products.
International partners
Our business is fast to scale and it is growing into a serious player in the worldwide market: Russia, Japan, Korean, China, USA, EU
The guarantee to safe capital is confirmed by fishing vessels.
Worldwide Sale TunasCoin
Service based on blockchain technology.

Token price and distribution:
1 TunasCoin = 15 USD = 1 Token
1 Token = 1 kg of tuna
Co-owner, Escrow partner, Tax consalting.
Reputation of the Firm summarizing the results of work in the European market over 20 years is marked by "CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING" from August, 21, 2017.
This certicate is in the Register of the International Business Companies, London, the Great Britain and in the bank file of Paribas and ABLV banks. According to the Law about International Business Companies bonitet of the Firm "Balmore International Corp." is considered as the firm of a high degree of reliabilitty.
Great Britain, Reg. N62624B. ( The International Business Companies, 431 Oxford Street, London, WIP 2DA )
"Balmore International Corp" | UK | since 1997
The only organization registered under the flag of the Russian Federation.
Baltic Tunas Company - has quotas for the fishing of tuna.
"Baltic Tunas Company" | Russia | 2012
If you are interested in becoming a partner or investor, please feel free to write us.

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